Be Honest. Don’t be Blunt

While building products of my own, I pick up a few things here and there. One of those things has a link to honesty. Be honest. Don’t keep your inner feelings about a decision locked away. It just might be that very reason you decide to have a fall out with a product that you no longer believe in. It may be a pivotal moment in your work. Whatever it leads to, honesty can open the door to it. It discards that lingering feeling, and makes way for a more open piece.

Make sure this is not mistaken with “bluntness”. The difference between the two: bluntness, you don’t care. Honesty, you do care. Bluntness, to me, seems to be synonymous with having an attitude of no regret. Not that being confident is a bad thing, but having a snotty form of confidence, or a slight ego, brings you down a level. Remember, it’s not about being right, which leads to bluntness. You’re trying to build great products. Products crafted with all the possible thought you can pour into it. Honest thoughts and inner feelings. That makes great products, no?

Don’t be blunt. Be honest.

Is teaching code really a good idea?

From my experience being in lower education (grades 6th through 12th) I can assure you that when I’m forced to do an assignment, I don’t get as much satisfaction as opposed to my interests driving me to complete something. Yes, I’m one of those kids who likes to learn. But again, why would I create something that isn’t out of my own self interest? To me, it makes no sense.

I used to love science- key words, “used to”. After those ridiculous quizzes I was forced to study for, that did not actually involve scientific experimentation, I found it to be… lackluster. Every teacher has the ability to make something interesting, and i hold them accountable for the most part. I know quizzes are important, but if all the time we spend is studying for quizzes, how could I ever appreciate the true nature of science? is supposed to motivate us to push education to except coding as a class right up there with science, math and literature courses. All those individuals in the promotional video claim they want to see more kids learn how to code. They want to see these kids do it in school. I say don’t. I say let kids find it out on their own, while they enjoy it and actually want to pursue it. Don’t let our education system ruin it for them. Don’t make it another industrial job. Keep it fun. Keep is wild.

Note: Of course, there will be a select number of teachers who can prove this wrong. Kudos to them. But those who will ruin it- there’s plenty of that type.

Why I Like Whiteboards

What’s with whiteboards?

I can act freely upon a giant and almost infinite canvas to create whatever first comes to mind. Think of an idea, jot it down, move over, write some more, go upward, mark another thing down. If I could do that with paper, I would. But paper limits me. I need more space to let my imagination roll. I cannot be limited to such a small area when in early stages of development. Is that why we let our kids run around all the time when they’re little?

I can’t stand back and look over all of it if my ideas are embedded onto something so small. I can’t really have that pacing affect with paper- draw something, walk around, get the blood flowing, rethink the idea, then draw some more. It let’s my ideas breath and collide with others. Sometimes making even more ideas.

My advice- get a whiteboard. Your ideas will be free to run as they please.

"They are noisy, in the way, and I want them dead!"

Printers fuckin suck. Like REALLY suck. They make a bunch of noise, pretend they’re about to do something incredible, then just stop. After a while, they’ll make a decision whether they’d like to print or not. All of this is followed by a bunch more noise.

Apple, if you’re listening, please fix this problem.

I’d imagine a beautiful printer. One that’s not too big, doesn’t have that many buttons, and keeps the noise down to nothing. The funny part about this is that Apple actually has the ability to pull it off.